Company voluntary arrangement Case Studies

Here we provide actual cases studies on the CVA approach. If you would like to add case studies of your own where they have worked or not worked then we can add them here.

  1. CVA Case Study Northern Sign Manufacturer; Sales £9m; Staff 170; MBO with a history of loss making.
  2. CVA Case Study West Midlands Machine Tool Manufacturer; Sales £4m; Staff 67; Undercapitalised buy-out with sales drop causing failure.
  3. CVA Case Study London Conference Organiser Sales £6m; Staff 30; Award-winning business suffering massive market fallout.
  4. CVA Case Study East Anglia: CVA Case Study – CVA for a Software Company
  5. CVA Case Study East Midlands: Company Terminating a Lease in a CVA
  6. CVA Case Study East Midlands: CVA for a Security (Manned Guarding) Company £600,000 sales
  7. CVA Case Study Yorkshire: Successful CVA: Company Acquiring Other Businesses
  8. CVA Case Study North of England: CVA and rescue plan for haulage Company £2.5m sales
  9. CVA Case Study Scottish CVA – Gas Sector Services company – Defeating a Winding up Petition.
  10. CVA Case Study Yorkshire: Small transport business £760,000
  11. CVA Case Study West Midlands: CVA, Interim management and new capital, manufacturer of labels £3m sales
  12. CVA Case Study North West and South East: Two Linked Logistics and Haulage Companies £11m combined sales
  13. CVA Case Study West Midlands: Simultaneous IVA for a partnership – £900,000 machine tools.
  14. CVA Case Study West Midlands: Components Manufacturer with £6m sales
  15. CVA Case Study Essex: Trading Out (informal) Deal followed by CVA
  16. CVA Case Study South Coast: Retailer and franchisor of outdoor wear £1.5m sales
  17. CVA Case Study Scotland: £1.2m Design and Print Company – Defeating Winding up Petition and Provisional Liquidator (Scotland)
  18. CVA Case Study West Midlands: £1.5m company providing software and support to mobile users
  19. CVA Case Study Scotland: £450,000 sales telemarketing and call centre company
  20. CVA Case Study North East: £750,000 Sales Household Distribution Company
  21. CVA Case Study Midlands: £1m sales Bathroom and Kitchen Products
  23. CVA Case Study Midlands: Audio Visual Company. Sales of £500,000Completed September 2008
  24. CVA Case Study London: Recruitment Company. Sales of £3m
  25. CVA Case Study London: TV Production company; Sales £1.2m.
  26. CVA Case Study for a Limited Liability Partnership (New and Unique to CompanyRescue Nov. 2008)Limited Liability Partnership – Law Firm, South East; sales of c£4m.
  27. CVA Case Study For a hardware and Software company – Hiving Down assets Sept. 2008 South West England and London based company £4m sales
  28. CVA case Study – Futuremedia plc – London plc quoted on US Stock Market. Technical case study. 2009 London based marketing and events company £10m sales
  29. Case Study – Venture Capital and bank backed BIMBO (Buy in Management Buy Out). 2009 London based marketing company £8.9m sales
  30. CVA Case Study 2010 Scottish based recruitment company
  31. CVA Case Study 2010 North East based building company
  32. New CVA Case Study 2010 London based Multiple Furniture and Design Retailer
  33. New CVA Case Study 2011  Haulage company in East Anglia £3m sales
  34. New CVA Case Study 2011  Engineering company in Midlands
  35. New CVA Case Study 2012  Heathrow Logistics and Transport Company
  36. New CVA Case Study 2012 Furniture Company based in South East
  37. New CVA Case Study 2012 IT services supplying the North West
  38. New CVA Case Study 2012 Recruitment Company exits CVA early.
  1. CVA Case Study 2013
    Technology company starts CVA then to liquidation
  2. CVA Case Study 2013
    Web Design and Marketing company saved by CVA
  3. £15m Turnover Logistic and IT Group of companies saved by 4 interlinked CVAs – 2013
    Read Case Study
  4. Scaffolding Company CVA
    Read case study
  5. Construction Company CVA
    Read Case Study
  6. Software Company exits CVA early
    Read Case Study